General Admission

Open Play Pricing

Ages 4 and under $9

Ages 5 and up $12

ALL jumpers must wear our $3 Jumpin’ socks.  

These socks are reusable and can be brought to your next visit so please don’t throw them away.  

(There is no time limit on your visit.) 

*Admission is only paid for jumpers.  If you are a parent or grandparent that is just coming in to observe, you WILL NOT be charged admission.*


If you plan to be repeat Jumper, check out our Punch Card and Jump Pass/Membership options.

Our Punch Card

Next time you stop by, be sure to pick up one of our Punch Cards!

After your 10th admission, you’ll get a free jump on us!

Also, Sundays are a double punch day!! You’ll get two punches per jumper!

Punch Card Pricing

Jump Pass/Membership Options

Our 30-day Jump Pass is another great way to save some money.  By purchasing this pass, your jumper is entitled to unlimited jumping for 30 days.  

Click below for more details on our Jump Pass/Membership.



Since we do not have a full kitchen, all of our snacks are purchased pre-packaged.  We also have drinks and Mini-Melts ice cream for sale.  

You are more than welcome to bring in food or drinks from outside.  

**We DO NOT allow cakes and/or cupcakes to be brought in unless you have rented a party room.**

Birthday Party Pricing